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Bed Bug Control In Port Huron, MI

Effective Bed Bug Solutions For Port Huron, MI Area Properties

Not so long ago, bed bugs were almost entirely eradicated in the U.S. due to the reduced use of harmful pesticides and the increase in international travel. However, in recent years, there has been a resurgence in their population and these pests are a problem here in eastern Michigan. And if one of these pests happens to find its way into your home, you'll quickly be left with a much bigger problem than just a single bed bug. And while you may have heard of a number of DIY treatment options, to eliminate your entire bed bug problem quickly and safely, the best thing to do is to invest in professional treatment from the St. Clair County pest control experts at Eco Pest Control!

Our Bed Bug Treatment Options

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Heat Treatments - Our Most Effective Option!

When it comes to eliminating bed bugs in Port Huron, there's nothing quite as effective as heat. However, it takes more than just turning your thermostat to the highest settings to get the job done. Instead, maintaining a sustained temperature of around 140 °F for several hours is necessary to ensure that all of the bed bugs inside your home in all stages of development are completely eliminated.

Here at Eco Pest Control, we offer heat treatments as our preferred option for professional bed bug control. This treatment method requires minimal preparation for homeowners and begins to work immediately after the treatment is begun. Another benefit of choosing our heat treatments is that it’s completely safe as it leaves no harmful chemicals or residue behind.

Canine Bed Bug Inspections

In addition to a bed bug inspection performed by our technicians, we may also suggest a canine bed bug inspection. We often recommend these bed bug dog inspections when bed bugs are suspected but cannot be confirmed by a visual inspection. While bed bugs commonly hide in mattresses, bed frames, and other furniture and personal belongings, they can also be found under carpeting and flooring and behind walls where they aren’t visible to the naked eye. Using the trained nose of our canine bed bug inspectors, we can quickly and accurately pinpoint bed bugs in areas that aren't visible to our bed bug inspectors.

Follow-Up Visits & Re-Treatments

Two weeks after your initial bed bug visit, your technician will return to your home for a follow-up visit to ensure that your bed bug infestation has been completely resolved and re-treat your home for bed bugs using our traditional bed bug treatments, if necessary.

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Get Rid Of Bed Bugs With Our Bed Bug Control Solutions!

If you discover bed bugs in your home, don’t wait until the infestation spreads throughout your home before you contact a pest control professional. Instead, give us a call at Eco Pest Control at the first sign of bed bug activity! For more information on our bed bug control services and how they could benefit your Port Huron home, contact us today!

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