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Smiths Creek, MI Pest Control

Reliable Pest Control In Smiths Creek, MI

The small, tight-knit community of Smiths Creek is a mainly residential area that families and individuals seeking a peaceful life like to call home. Smiths Creek is peppered with locally-owned businesses as well, only adding to what the town has to offer. Even small towns see pest problems, though, due to the seasonal nature of the area.

At Eco Pest Control, we have been committed to providing St. Clair County pest control since 2012. Our methods include environmentally sound products that are proven both safe and effective in order to remove any active pest problems while also keeping new issues from developing. When you entrust your property to us, you will always benefit from our signature customer service as well, which means flexible scheduling and a team that is always ready to work. For more information on our services, contact us today.

Residential Pest Control In Smiths Creek

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At Eco Pest Control, keeping your Smiths Creek home free from pests is our top priority. Our residential pest control offerings all utilize detailed inspections, eco-conscious products, and thorough methods. The programs that we offer are:

  • Basic Semi-Annual Plan. With routine interior and exterior treatments, your home will be protected from ants, centipedes, and pill bugs. 
  • Bee & Wasp Preventative Plan. To keep these dangerous stinging pests off of your property, this one-time process is for you. 
  • Spider Control Plan. Many of the local spiders are dangerous, and this plan protects you from black widows, brown recluses, and more. 
  • Preferred Plan. For maximum pest coverage, this plan combines everything. 

We’re also proud to offer bed bug control and rodent control to tackle some of the area’s most pervasive pests. To learn more about our residential pest control offerings, contact us today.

Commercial Pest Control In Smiths Creek

Protecting your business from pests can feel like a full-time job, which is why at Eco Pest Control, we provide comprehensive commercial pest control services. Since 2012, our family-owned, locally-operated business has been committed to safe solutions and creating long-lasting results. With an emphasis on eco-friendly products, attention to detail, and unmatched customer support, we’re able to create a pest-free work environment for your business. We provide general pest control plans for our commercial customers as well as targeted offerings like rodent control. All of our services are backed by a service guarantee and we always strive to provide the most affordable prices in town. For more information on how commercial pest control can protect your business, contact us today.

How To Stop Mice From Getting Into Your Smiths Creek Home

When mice gain access to your Smiths Creek home, they can bring with them other pests, illnesses, and significant property damage. In order to protect your home and everyone in it, try these tips:

  1. Start by filling any cracks in your foundation, as mice are capable of fitting through openings the size of a dime. Use materials like weatherstripping, steel wool, and wire mesh. It’s also important to keep doors and garages closed, as this is a common point of entry as well. 
  2. Both inside and outside the home, always be on the lookout for leaks. Dripping downspouts, gutters, faucets, bathtubs, and pipes are enough to lure mice and keep them around. 
  3. Storing all food and pantry items in secure containers is key, as mice are very easily attracted to the scent of food. 
  4. Because mice aren’t fussy, they will look for food anywhere. This means storing trash in a bin with a lid, taking out the garbage often, cleaning up after crumbs and spills, and not allowing dirty dishes to pile up. 
  5. Mice can easily live amongst clutter or use it when building their nests, so remove all stacks of old newspapers and magazines, as well as packing materials and boxes. 

For safe and effective mouse control, contact Eco Pest Control today.

Smiths Creek Homeowner's Guide To A Bed Bug-Free Home

When bed bugs enter Smiths Creek homes, they proceed to feed off of residents while they’re sleeping. To prevent this from happening, try the following tips:

  • Prior to bringing home any used couches, chairs, mattresses, other upholstered items, or kitchen appliances, always inspect them thoroughly for bed bug activity and ask about their previous whereabouts. 
  • After taking public transportation, going to the movies, staying at a hotel, or eating out at a restaurant, individuals should check their belongings for bed bugs.
  • Aim to limit wildlife and rodent populations around the home, as these pests tend to be hosts for bed bugs and other parasites like fleas and ticks. 
  • Seal up all cracks in a home’s foundation with caulk and apply weatherstripping to the gaps around windows and doors. 
  • Vacuum and dust frequently. 
  • Use a mattress protector in a light color. 

For safe and effective bed bug control, contact Eco Pest Control today.

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