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Quality Pest Management For Lexington, MI Properties

From cities and metros to tiny towns, there is a huge range of neighborhood types around Michigan. Perhaps one of the smallest, coziest, and most remarkable of these is the hamlet of Lexington. Officially classified as a ‘village,’ Lexington is home to a scant 1,000 people. The vast majority of Lexington homeowners are over the age of 55. Retirees, snowbirds, and Michigan natives very much enjoy their small slice of heaven and spend their days enjoying views of the Lexington Harbor on Lake Huron. Lexington may be a small place that is almost imperceptible on a map of Michigan, but this certainly does not make it invisible. When it comes to hungry pests looking for a place to live, Lexington looks like a bustling city!

Many homeowners have complained about an increase in local pests, while business owners are struggling with onslaughts of frequent infestation. To address these and all other concerns, Eco Pest Control is determined to make a difference for local Lexington property owners. Our team is equipped with over 7 years of experience in the business, working quickly to identify and remove potential problems. If pests are standing in your way, let Eco Pest Control clear a path! Call now for more information.

Home Pest Control In Lexington, MI

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Pest infestations inside Lexington homes are a leading cause of physical injury, disease spread, and food contamination. To stay safe and reduce risks for yourself and your family, Eco Pest Control is happy to curate the highest quality pest control possible.

We currently offer four types of residential pest control plans for homeowners in Lexington, MI:

  • Basic Semi-Annual
  • Spider Control
  • Bee And Wasp Control
  • Preferred Plan

Put your home under the infallible protection of Eco Pest Control. We promise to get and keep your property in tip-top shape for as long as you allow. Secure your place on our roster now!

Commercial Pest Control In Lexington, MI

From daycare facilities and healthcare organizations to office buildings and eateries, Eco Pest Control has been providing affordable commercial pest control for nearly a decade. To help curb your struggles with pests at all stages of infestation, we provide customizable programs that target problems at their root. Today, we currently offer:

  • General Pest Control
  • Bed Bug Inspections And Treatments
  • Rodent Control And Exclusion

At Eco Pest Control, we don’t just strive to meet your expectations: we want to exceed them. Reach out to us today to schedule total commercial pest control for your Lexington business.

How To Tell If Your Lexington Home Needs Professional Bed Bug Control

Lexington may be several miles away from the nearest metro area, but this tiny village can still experience the ill effects of bed bug infestations. Bed bugs can thrive in almost any environment, from hotels and bus stations to apartments and single-family homes.

If you think or know that your Lexington home is suffering from bed bug activity, you will need to seek professional treatments from Eco Pest Control immediately. However, if you are not quite sure where your home stands, you may need to identify initial factors of infestation. Here is how to tell if your Lexington home will need professional bed bug control:

  • Noticing spotting around pillows, linens, mattresses, or other upholstery. These spots may be dark brown (excrement) or bright rusty red (feeding marks).
  • Itchy bites appearing in small lines or zig-zag patterns around your skin.
  • Weakness or exhaustion (anemia) after prolonged infestation.
  • Spotting bed bugs or bed bug eggs somewhere in the house.

If you have noticed any of these signs or symptoms around the house, your best option will be to contact the professional team at Eco Pest Control. We have what it takes to wipe out serious bed bugs in Lexington. Contact us now to learn more!

What's The Difference Between Bees And Wasps In Lexington?

Although both bees and wasps are types of stinging insects, they are very different kinds of pests. Bees are stinging insects that may only attack once before death. These creatures both pollinate and produce honey, which many other animals can enjoy. In contrast, wasps are much more aggressive insects that infiltrate Lexington’s properties. Wasps can sting many times without stopping and cause painful wounds to areas of exposed skin. Here are some ways to manage the wasp and bee populations around your Lexington property:

  • Mitigating fallen fruit or leftover food from around the lawn
  • Taking care not to plant too many flowering shrubs near the home
  • Investigating entry points or gaps that could let pests come inside

To protect your Lexington home with the ultimate stinging insect control, contact Eco Pest Control right away. We would be happy to perform a free inspection at your earliest convenience.

How Rodents Get Into Lexington Homes

Lexington residents may be inviting rodents inside their homes unbeknownst to them. Once they are inside a home, rodents may proceed to spread health risks such as Hantavirus or cause property damage. In order to avoid these issues, it’s important to understand how they access a home.

Here are some of the ways that rats and mice might enter a property:

  • Fitting through dime-sized cracks in foundations
  • Climbing trees and entering homes via openings in roofs
  • Maneuvering through the sewer system
  • Slipping through gaps around siding
  • Utilizing open garages 

When it comes to keeping rodents from becoming an issue, Eco Pest Control has the solution. We utilize comprehensive inspections to understand the ways that rodents interact with a property, locate entry points, and distill the factors that attracted them to begin with. After we’ve gathered this information, we strategically place bait stations around the exterior of the home and may also place traps where they’re necessary. To ensure that rodents can’t get back inside, we seal off entry points through the exclusion process. After treating the home, we ensure that all of our customers have information on ways to reduce rodent activity as well. For more information on rodent control in Lexington, call us today.

How To Minimize Spiders Around Your Lexington Home

The spiders that you see around your Lexington home are largely attracted to the presence of other pests, which they eat. They are also lured by moisture and the promise of isolated areas.

Here are some ways to minimize your exposure to local spiders:

  • Seal up openings: One of the best places to start is to eliminate possible entry points around your home. This may include utilizing door sweeps, filling gaps around windows with weatherstripping, and applying silicone-based caulk to crevices in your foundation. 
  • Be proactive about leaks: Try to look for leaky plumbing on a routine basis and fix any issues that you find. It may also be helpful to install a dehumidifier in areas that get damp, like the basement. 
  • Tidy up the yard: Look to your yard and get rid of sticks, twigs, leaves, and hedge trimmings. You’ll also want to store firewood neatly and at least 25 feet away from your home. 
  • Make cleaning a habit: Inside the home, be sure to use a trash bin with a lid and take out the trash before it accumulates. It’s also key to sweep and disinfect surfaces fairly often. 
  • Work with a professional: The most trusted method of spider prevention is enlisting the services of a trained pest professional. These services will not only address spiders but also the pests that attract them. 

Spiders are considered a natural source of pest control, but they can still be a pest in their own right if their presence starts becoming felt around your home. Since spiders are attracted to other pests, the best way to deter them is through comprehensive ongoing pest management from a professional pest control provider. For help dealing with your spider concerns, call Eco Pest Control today for effective spider control services in Lexington.

Why Flea Activity Around Your Lexington Home Calls For Professionals

If you’re seeing fleas around your Lexington home, the best move to make is to bring in professional help. Prolonged exposure to fleas can be harmful to your well-being and the health of any pets that you may have. Fleas are parasites that primarily feed off of animals. If you have pets, they are an ideal food source for fleas and can develop anemia, tapeworms, or typhus as a result. While people are less enticing to fleas, that won’t stop these pests. People can contract murine typhus from flea bites as well.

To complicate matters, fleas are also notoriously difficult to eliminate, which makes professional help all the more important. Fleas are difficult to see with the naked eye, so finding them around your home can be challenging. They usually infest and lay their eggs in carpeting, upholstery, or pet beds, so you’d be lucky to find them at all. Fleas also lay between four and eight eggs after they’ve eaten and around 2,000 in their lifetime, so outbreaks can be large.

At Eco Pest Control, we utilize state-of-the-art methods in order to swiftly eliminate the fleas in your home and bring you peace of mind. For more information on flea control in Lexington, please call us today.

Why Am I Seeing Ants Around My Lexington Home?

Ants are an unfortunate fact of life for Lexington residents for most of the year. However, they don’t have to be a constant presence around your home. Many homeowners in our region find their lawns covered in ant hills during the warmer months of the year, but ants are attracted to certain homes more than others. Knowing what attracts ants to certain homes can mean the difference between avoiding ants and suffering an infestation.

If you’ve started noticing ants around your Lexington home, here are a few reasons why that might be the case:

  • Trash build-up or dirty trash bins
  • Leaky pipes or faucets or any moisture accumulation
  • Openings in foundations or gaps around doors and windows
  • Sticky substances such as hand soap
  • Decomposing food matter
  • Infested packaging carried into the home
  • Cans and jars that need to be cleaned out
  • Crumbs and spills around the home

When it comes to ants, the key is prevention. In addition to regular cleaning and vacuuming, the best way to prevent ants is through a comprehensive ongoing pest control program. No matter what other pests are on your property, they’ll look like a tasty treat to ants that can find them. The best way to prevent ants from invading in order to eat other pests on your property is by removing those pests in the first place.

Whether you are noticing ants around your home or are looking to take proactive measures against them, Eco Pest Control can help. We include coverage for ants in our customizable residential pest control because we know how common they are. Our targeted interior and exterior help us to fully eliminate ants while creating a protective barrier from new outbreaks. For more information on ant control, call us today.

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