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Effective Pest Control Solutions In Kimball, MI

Often referred to at St. Clair County’s most beautiful township, Kimball is a small, close-knit community that’s ideal for families. Located an hour outside of Detroit, Kimball is close to Canada, offering its residents the opportunity for adventure with a rural setting. The area experiences a moderate fall, spring, and summer, along with a brisk winter, which makes it a pleasant place to live. However, these conditions are also responsible for attracting common area pests like bed bugs, termites, wildlife, rodents, and more.

For more than a decade, Eco Pest Control has been providing homeowners and businesses of the greater Kimball area with the best pest control available. We’re focused on providing unmatched customer service, highly trained technicians, and safe, effective treatments that you can count on. Contact us today for more information on keeping your property pest-free, no matter the time of year.

Residential Pest Control In Kimball, MI

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As a locally owned business, we believe in treating all of our residential clients like our neighbors, because they are. We’re focused on providing Kimball homeowners with the highest quality of pest control services that they can count on. Some of the ways in which we do that are:

  • Recurring maintenance: We work with homeowners to develop a schedule of routine maintenance on either a monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly basis that is geared toward keeping your property pest-free.
  • Specialty services: For the most pervasive pests, we have targeted treatments for their eradication and safe removal. Some of those pests include stinging insects, termites, bed bugs, and rodents.
  • One-time treatments: If you’re just looking to get rid of an individual infestation, we can help. No fuss, no muss, just a pest-free guarantee on any treated pests.

No matter the pest you’re facing, Eco Pest Control is determined to go above and beyond to ensure that you can live pest-free. We never cut corners and will always offer the best customer service, highly trained technicians, and residential pest control treatments that are safe and effective. Contact us today for your free quote and start living pest-free.

Why It Is So Difficult To Keep Mice Out Of Your Kimball Home

Over time mice have grown dependent on humans to give them everything they need to survive: food, water, and shelter. They squeeze through very small openings, some of which you might not even notice. Once they’ve made it inside your home, mice go rummaging through your garbage or any food that you may have left out and have a buffet. Things like spills that weren’t properly cleaned are enough to keep mice hanging around, but if you use a garbage bin without a secure lid, they can also easily climb into the garbage to find what they need.

Mice tend to hide in areas where humans either rarely go, like attics and basements, or places that they can’t reach, like inside your walls. Mice are also nocturnal, which means that humans rarely spot them and they can go about their business without much bother. They truly have so little incentive to leave your Kimball home once they’ve made it inside, so they don’t. For protection against mice that you can count on, contact the professionals at Eco Pest Control today!

What You Can Do To Keep Wasps Out Of Your Kimball Yard

While you’re trying to enjoy an outdoor gathering in your Kimball yard, wasps are just waiting for you to give them everything they need, like greasy and sugary foods. Here are a few tips to keep wasps away so you can spend time outside in peace:

  • Keep food stored securely. Because wasps have a sweet tooth, it’s important to make sure that any food is kept sealed while out and that any crumbs or scraps are cleaned up.
  • Don’t allow trash to accumulate. While food that’s been left out is enticing to wasps, so is any food that’s piled up in your trash. Always use a garbage bin with a secure lid and remove it regularly, and do not allow it to overflow.
  • Clean up any spills. Something as simple as spilled soda is enough to attract wasps, so always be sure to clean up any messes thoroughly.
  • Fake them out. Wasps are territorial pests, so if they suspect that other wasps are present on your property they’ll flee. Use either paper lanterns or blown up brown paper bags to mimic a wasps nest and place them around your property.

For protection against wasps or for the safe removal of an active nest, contact the professionals at Eco Pest Control today.

Kimball's Guide To Preventing House Spiders

Spiders have gained a bad reputation because of their creepy crawling movements and because they tend to lurk as they prey on food. Spiders usually enter your Kimball home in search of food, which comes in the form of other pests, or when conditions outside undergo a drastic change.

That said, here are a few ways to keep them outside:

  • Seal up your home. Tiny cracks, crevices, and holes are all easy for pests and spiders to sneak through in order to gain access to your home. Fill up any openings around your home’s foundation and use weather stripping and door sweeps where necessary.
  • Address any areas of excess moisture. Spiders such as house spiders or the insects that spiders prey on are often attracted to areas of the home that offer moisture. So consider addressing any leaky pipes, drains, faucets, or shower heads, while also not allowing water to pool up around your property.
  • Keep your house clean. Many of the pests that spiders like to feast on, like cockroaches, ants, and flies, are all attracted to a mess. Be sure to keep food in airtight containers, use a garbage bin with a secure lid, don’t allow clutter to accumulate, and clean up after any spills thoroughly.
  • Contact the professionals. Dealing with spiders almost always means dealing with other pests. So for protection against spiders and their prey, the safest thing you can do is contact a professional pest control company.

For spider and pest control that you can trust, contact Eco Pest Control today. 

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