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Less than an hour from Detroit, Imlay City, MI is known for its agriculture and industry. Whether you’re enjoying our historic district or participating in various outdoor activities, one thing is certain - Imlay City is a great place to spend time. However, it’s also a great place for pests to infest. Local pest populations are present all year long here in Imlay City, and that exposes home and business owners to the nightmare of infestation. The best way to manage the presence of pests around your property is to get in touch with the pest professionals. 


Welcome to Eco Pest Control. We are a local family-owned and operated pest control company that has been servicing Lapeer County and the surrounding areas since 2012. As a leader in the pest control industry, we’re proud of our high-quality services and our commitment to customer satisfaction. Every client gets their own designated service technicians, so you’ll have a familiar face to rely on throughout the pest control process. Contact us today to discuss your residential and commercial pest control needs or to learn more about our Refer And Earn program and how you can earn cash!

Home Pest Control In Imlay City, MI

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If you own a home here in Imlay City, it’s important to address your residential pest control needs. We provide year-round pest coverage for your Imlay City home, giving residents and their loved ones continued safety and peace of mind. Our home service plans include:

Basic Semi-Annual Plan

  • Protection from ants, centipedes, millipedes, box elder bugs, clover mites, earwigs, and pill bugs.
  • Targeted pest control treatment to eliminate pests and prevent future infestation.

Spider Control

  • Focuses on spiders, covering a variety of common area species.
  • House spiders, wolf spiders, brown recluse spiders, and black widow spiders.

Bee & Wasp Control

  • Prevention of stinging insect activity.
  • One-time fee for exterior bee and wasp treatments.
  • Removal of existing nests around the structure. 

Preferred Plan

  • Highest level of home protection.
  • Coverage of all three service plans.
  • Specialized control and prevention for spiders and stinging insects.

In addition to our service plans, we provide specialized services for bed bugs and rodents. Whatever household pest pressures you’re facing, we’re ready to help you. Reach out today to request your free service quote.

Commercial Pest Control In Imlay City, MI

Our commercial pest control services provide comprehensive protection from pest infestations to Imlay City businesses. We’ve worked with all kinds of businesses, some of which include hotels, motels, restaurants, and property management. Our process is thorough and effective, providing our valued customers with the following:

  • Foundation of trust and reliability with a designated technician.
  • Quality treatments and dependable customer service.
  • Affordable and environmentally friendly pest solutions.
  • General pest control plans customized to meet your needs.
  • Quality bed bug inspections and treatments.
  • Professional rodent control and exclusion services.

We are dedicated to keeping the local community safe and pest-free. So, call us today to discuss your business, and how we can help manage pest activity throughout your facility. Our pest-free guarantee promises free re-service between treatments, should pests return. Call today to get started.

Five Ways To Prevent Bed Bug Infestations In Imlay City

Bed bugs are nocturnal pests that wait until we’re asleep before they feed on our blood for their survival. The best approach to bed bug control is to take preventative action. Here are five ways to prevent bed bug infestation in Imlay City:

1. Cover mattresses and box springs in a protective casing.

2. Eliminate clutter and keep your space tidy. 

3. Inspect items for bed bugs before bringing them inside. 

4. Use steam treatments on upholstery, curtains, carpets, etc.

5. Wash and dry all linens, bedding, and clothing on high heat. 

While these tips can certainly help, the truth is none of them are entirely effective on their own. The most reliable way to protect your Imlay City home from the nightmare of bed bug infestations is to call in the experts. Call Eco Pest Control today for complete bed bug inspections and thorough treatments that you can depend on.

How Did These Ants Get Into My Imlay City Home?

There are over 700 types of ant species in the U.S., and here in Michigan, ant infestation is common. These tiny intruders reproduce at rapid rates and lead to widespread contamination, as well as potential damage depending on the species. Ants can be sneaky about getting into your home, and their minuscule size makes it even easier for them. Here are some of the most common entry points through which ants gain access to your house:

  • Cracks in walls and floors.
  • Foundation gaps.
  • Inside the floor.
  • Windows and window frames. 
  • Doors and door sweeps.
  • Near baseboards along the floor.
  • Unsealed exterior holes.
  • Utility and plumbing lines.

If you suspect ant activity in your home, or you simply want to be as preventative as possible moving forward, we recommend calling in your local pest experts. The team at Eco Pest Control is familiar with local area ant species, and we have the expertise to detect, exterminate, and prevent them for your peace of mind. Reach out today to get started.

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