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Fort Gratiot, MI Pest Control

The Family-Owned Solution To Fort Gratiot Pest Problems

The people of Fort Gratiot are a unique mix of hard-working business owners and community-building homeowners, which is why it’s one of our favorite places to provide pest control services. Unfortunately, the pests of Fort Gratiot can be very problematic. They love to build large communities and some work hard to destroy property or spread bacteria around your home or business. 

Fortunately for your family or your business, Eco Pest Control puts what’s most important to you above any of our own interests. That’s why you can expect the following kinds of services from our hardworking pest control technicians:

  • Free quotes on all services

  • Attention to detail and attention to your needs

  • Customizable residential and commercial pest control 

  • Eco-friendly products

  • Award-winning customer service every time

When you have our specialists in your corner, the battle against pests like bed bugs and spiders soon becomes something you can forget about, allowing you to focus on your family, your business, and whatever else means most to you. Give us a call today for a free quote on any of our residential and commercial pest services.

Home Pest Control In Fort Gratiot, MI

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While a number of pest problems start in the yard, pest problems that encroach on your home may not only endanger your property but the health of your family as well. Bees, wasps, and stinging ants can create dangerous health conditions in the yard while roaches and rodents will spread dangerous bacteria all-around your home. 

Without professional help, residential pest control problems in Fort Gratiot can become overwhelming very quickly. That’s why our award-winning customer service technicians are highly trained in the best eco-friendly pest control methods that can create a protective barrier around your home and deter yard-invading pests as well. Call us today for your 100% free, no-obligation quote on services. 

Commercial Pest Control In Fort Gratiot, MI

It doesn’t take much business expertise to know that pest problems are bad for the brand. However, it might take an expert to understand what’s worth spending money on. With the power of social media, pest problems in your Fort Gratiot business facility could cost you tens of thousands of dollars worth of potential profit, so why wouldn’t you trust the professionals with your pest control needs?

As a locally and family-owned and operated business ourselves, we understand the struggle of keeping pests out of your commercial facility. That’s why we provide eco-friendly pest control solutions that will protect your reputation in the community, even with the members of the Fort Gratiot community who care about the environment more than anything. Call us today to get the professional assurances you need for the business you pour so much into every day.

DIY Bee Control Strategies To Avoid In Fort Gratiot

The independent spirit of Fort Gratiot homeowners is something that we respect and admire. However, most of the time, trying to keep bees out of your yard on your own will either be ineffective or exacerbate the issue even more. Why trust the pros when you can just do a quick Google search, right? The Internet will tell you all kinds of ways to avoid bee activity in the yard, such as:

  • Hanging dryer sheets around the yard
  • Spraying essential oils all over the place
  • Planting different kinds of plants (not even natural to the area) that bees dislike
  • Removing nests as soon as you see them

While these methods can be effective in certain cases, they are no replacement for professional assurances. Plus, removing nests on your own is one of the most dangerous things you can do when there are bees in the yard. Stings from multiple angry bees can lead to dangerous medical conditions for anyone caught in the crossfire, which is why the safest and most effective bee control method in Fort Gratiot is to trust the pros. Call us today for a free quote on bee control services for your property.

Three Easy Ant-Prevention Tips For Fort Gratiot Homeowners

Whether they’re in your yard or crawling through your kitchen, ants can become unmanageable very quickly. It’s incredibly difficult to get them out of your house once they’re in, so it’s very important to reduce their attraction to your home in every way possible. The top-three activities you can do on your own to limit ant attraction to your home are:

  • Cleaning regularly
  • Storing food and trash properly
  • Managing moisture buildup

Nothing attracts ants faster than moisture and loose crumbs. Proper cleaning and food-storage practices can help, but there is never a guarantee without professional services. If you consider all of the property damage and dangerous bacteria ants can bring to your property, then it hardly seems worth the risk. 

By calling Eco Pest Control, you’ll get access to preventative ant solutions that won’t hurt your yard or pose a risk to children or pets. Reach out to us today to learn more or to get a free quote on our professional ant control services.

Signs Of Bed Bugs In Your Fort Gratiot Home

Bed bugs are sneaky parasites that can make their way into your Fort Gratiot home without your knowledge. Here are a few key signs that might point to a bed bug problem:

  • Finding rust-colored smears or blood stains on blankets, pillows, and sheets.
  • Waking up covered in lots of little bites you don't remember getting.
  • Seeing living bed bugs. 
  • Spotting shed skins and body parts that happen during the molting process.
  • Encountering increased allergies or issues with asthma. 
  • Smelling a moldy odor that comes from bedrooms or the living room.
  • Finding bed bug droppings in the crevices of mattresses

Any of these signs might indicate a bed bug infestation; however, the most reliable way to make the identification is with professional assistance. At Eco Pest Control, we are committed to solving all your bed bug problems as quickly and safely as possible. Our inspection goes room by room and is done with a canine partner so that we can reach the hardest-to-access areas. We'll then provide you with a preparation sheet so that we can provide the most effective heat treatment possible. This usually takes several hours and avoids using harsh or unnecessary products. We'll return two weeks after your initial treatment to check on the status of bed bugs, and if we find any lingering pests, we'll provide re-treatment at no additional cost. For more information on bed bug control in Fort Gratiot, please call us today.

Five Tips For Effective Rodent Prevention My Fort Gratiot Yard

Rodents are constantly searching for homes to call their own, and your Fort Gratiot yard is their first stop. There are, however, five steps that you can take to make your property less appealing, which may work to keep rodents out of your home itself.

Here are a few tips to try:

  1. Don't ignore moisture problems. Rodents thrive in moist conditions and need water to survive. Be sure to shut hoses off after using them, keep gutters functioning smoothly, and don't allow condensation to build up around the foundation of your property. You'll also want to avoid letting water collect in buckets. 
  2. Eliminate hiding spots. Look around your yard and make sure that there is no clutter that rodents could use for nesting and hiding. This entails raking leaf piles, trimming hedges, and maintaining a tidy yard.
  3. Take cleanliness seriously. Rodents are also looking for food sources, so if you keep trash bins outside, always use a locking lid and don't miss trash collection day. 
  4. Watch out for entry points. Something as simple as leaving your garage door open and unattended can let rodents into your home. Make sure that entry points like these don't exist, and consider filling cracks in the foundation with rodent-proof materials for added security. 
  5. Bring in professional help. There's no substitute for professional help when dealing with rodents, so consider working with your local pest expert for continued support against rodents. 

Call Eco Pest Control today for more information on rodent control in Fort Gratiot.

Why Do I Have A Spider Problem In My Fort Gratiot Home?

If you're noticing spiders around your Fort Gratiot home, it's likely for one of a few reasons. Those include:

  • The activity of other pests: The pests that spiders prey on are perhaps the strongest lure for spiders. They typically eat pests such as mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches, ants, gnats, and other spiders. If you notice spiders, it may indicate at least one other active infestation.
  • Abundant moisture: Spiders also need water to survive and thrive in damp and dark areas of the home. You might have leaks that you're unaware of or more significant water damage; however, simply not shutting the shower off completely or having drainage issues can also be enough to entice spiders. 
  • Shelter: Depending on the time of year and outside conditions, spiders might seek indoor shelter if it's too cold or too hot. 

Because strong factors lure spiders into homes, the best way to address them is with professional help. For more information on spider control in Fort Gratiot, call Eco Pest Control today.

What's The Best Way To Keep Ticks Away From My Fort Gratiot Yard?

The ticks that find their way to your Fort Gratiot yard can be dangerous to your well-being and the health of your pets and other family members. In order to keep them away, try these quick tips:

  • Limit wildlife: Animals like skunks, raccoons, and squirrels are common hosts for ticks, so try to keep them away by using decoy animals, storing trash bins securely, and turning on night lights. 
  • Inspect yourself: Opt for long pants and sleeves whenever you spend time in the woods or at the park, and always check your skin and personal belongings before coming home. 
  • Create an unwelcoming yard: You can also eliminate ticks' favorite spots by mowing the lawn frequently, trimming back harborage sites, and cleaning up yard clutter routinely.
  • Ask a pro: If you're looking for the most reliable protection from ticks, talk to your local pest pro about routine treatments for adults and larvae. 

For more information on seasonal tick control, call Eco Pest Control today.

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