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Fargo, MI Pest Control

Pest Control In Fargo, MI

Located in the Blue Water Area, Fargo, Michigan, is a small village about an hour from Detroit. Founded by the Farr family who owned sawmills and grist mills along Plum Creek, Fargo is now a nice quiet town where you can settle down and raise a family if you prefer a rural location that is still an easy driving distance to an urban area.

Keeping your Fargo property pest-free is not always an easy task. Our changing seasons each bring different pest pressures, making preventing a pest infestation difficult. If you need pest control in Fargo for your home or business, you need Eco Pest Control. From day one, our mission has been to exceed our customers’ expectations by providing exceptional pest control services at an affordable price using the latest and safest technology in an environmentally-responsible way. As a local, family-owned business, Eco Pest Control will treat your property like our own.

Residential Pest Control In Fargo

fargo mi pest control

Keeping your Fargo home free of pests is helpful when you want to do your best to keep your family healthy and protect your home’s safety and value. Pests are known to damage structures and property and can also spread germs, so avoiding their presence in your home is a good goal to have. No matter what your pest control needs, Eco Pest Control offers the home pest control services you are looking for.

From active infestations to preventative services, we take care of it all. We offer several service plan options for you to choose from so that you receive exactly the treatments you want. From our basic, semiannual plan to a preferred package that includes spiders and stinging insects, we have your home covered. We also offer one-time treatments for those who need them.

Commercial Pest Control In Fargo

Your Fargo business is an important part of your life and keeping it running smoothly is essential for its continued success. When pests get into your commercial facility, they can cause a host of issues. Rodents are common commercial pests, as are bed bugs, and both cause serious problems when they get into your business. Rodents are known for the destruction they cause, bed bugs are known for their bites, and both are known to be extremely bad for a business’s reputation.

If either of these pests or any other pest species get into your Fargo business, you need the best commercial pest control company in the area. Eco Pest Control is that company. We provide effective and discreet services that protect your business from pests without announcing it to the world. Our monthly plans are the best choice for commercial properties, as these plans provide you with peace of mind knowing your business will remain pest-free.

What Every Fargo Resident Ought To Know About Bed Bugs

Bed bugs have been a growing problem in the United States over the past few decades, and they show no signs of slowing down. There is a lot of misinformation about these insects, so knowing a few facts about them can help you in the event your Fargo home ever ends up with a bed bug infestation.

It’s important to note that although bed bugs bite, they do not transmit diseases like other parasitic pests, such as ticks. Although this is good news, bed bugs are still a public health threat, and an infestation has to be taken care of quickly to stop it from growing. Bed bugs may not spread diseases, but an infestation can cause insomnia and poor mental health, so the sooner you get rid of them, the better. 

Many people think that over-the-counter bed bug sprays or treatments will take care of an infestation, but these products rarely work as intended. Bed bugs have grown resistant to many products. In order to successfully eliminate a bed bug infestation, your home needs bed bug control services in Fargo performed by trained professionals. Eco Pest Control offers bed bug heat treatments that are highly effective at eliminating all bed bugs from your home, even the ones hidden in hard-to-reach areas. We also offer chemical treatments and canine inspections.

Everything You Need To Know About Bees In Fargo

Bees and other stinging insects can be a serious threat to your family. No one enjoys being stung by a bee, but the stakes are much higher for people with a bee sting allergy. Protecting your family from these pests requires you to ensure they do not build nests on your Fargo property. If they already have, you do not want to take out the nest yourself. A bee or stinging insect nest is dangerous to remove because the insects will swarm and sting if they feel threatened. 

While many homeowners attempt DIY bee and stinging insect controlthe safest and most effective way to get rid of these pests is by contacting the professionals at Eco Pest Control. We offer preventative services to stop bees and stinging insects from building nests on your property, and we also provide the services you need to get rid of nests already on your property. 

Protect your family the safe way with Eco Pest Control. 

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