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Quality Pest Management For Emmett, MI Properties

There are so many different pests like ants that will invade your Emmett area home or business, yet there are not a lot of options for professional pest control that still put the customer first. Dealing with pest problems on your own will typically make matters worse or put you, your family, your customers, or your employees in danger, so who can you turn to for the kind of professional help that you need? 

If you’re looking for a pest control company that puts your needs above anything else, then you've come to the right place. At Eco Pest Control, we take a lot of pride in protecting our home town with the following benefits:

  • Locally owned and operated care

  • Reliable services 

  • Friendly, knowledgeable pest technicians 

Give us a call today to schedule an inspection with one of our residential or commercial pest control experts.

Home Pest Control In Emmett, MI

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When you own a home in the Emmett area, there are a number of pest problems that you'll need to deal with. However, dealing with them on your own is usually a recipe for disaster. Allowing destructive termites and disease-spreading roaches, rodents, and more to linger on your property for any length of time will put your home and family at risk. 

That's why partnering with Eco Pest Control is the smart choice when it comes to keeping your Emmett home and family safe from local invasive pests. Our expert pest technicians will provide reliable home pest services based on your schedule and your specific property needs. Give us a call today to schedule an inspection with one of our experienced pest technicians.

Commercial Pest Control

When you own a business in the Emmett area, you have to take every precaution to protect your reputation in the community. Thanks to social media, one instance of a pest problem in your Emmett area business could be seen by thousands of potential customers. That's why you can't afford to rely on your own methods of pest control for your commercial facility.

Fortunately for you and your business, Eco Pest Control provides the most effective locally owned and operated pest control in the area. Since we are also an Emmett area small business, we have everything that it takes to put our customers first and protect your business in the same way we would our own. Give us a call today to schedule an inspection with one of our commercial pest control technicians.

Three Bee Control Tips For Emmett Properties

When bees invade your Emmett property, they can bring a lot of danger to anyone in the area. Multiple bee stings as a result of disrupting a colony can lead to a variety of serious medical conditions, including anaphylactic shock, which can be fatal.

Bees will create colonies in the branches of trees or even within the outside walls of your home, invading your outdoor gathering areas and even encroaching into the home. Here are the best ways to control bees on your property:

  1. Trim back tree branches from the property line.
  2. Spray outdoor areas with citronella, peppermint, and other natural scents. 
  3. Partner with a bee control expert at Eco Pest Control. 

Unfortunately, the best way to deter bee activity includes removing hives promptly. However, you should never do this without professional help since disturbing a beehive is a surefire way to incur a dangerous attack. That’s why partnering with an Eco Pest Control professional is the most effective way to keep your family and yard safe from bee invasions. 

With innovative bee control solutions in Emmett and safe, effective hive-removal techniques, we can keep your family safe from bee problems and address the concerns that are most important for you. Call us today to get access to the pest control services that put the customer first every time.

Are Spiders Becoming A Problem In Your Emmett Home?

Spiders are some of the most difficult pests to control in the Emmett area. Unfortunately, these pests are impervious to most store-bought pest control solutions, so you'll have trouble getting rid of them on your own. While most spiders do not pose a threat to your health, black widows and brown recluse spiders can transfer their venom to humans. Other spiders will create unsightly webs and an unsettling environment within your home, so keeping them out should be a top priority.

The only thing you can do to control spiders on your own is to reduce their attraction to your property by limiting their pest prey. Spiders will only stay inside your home if they find that it is a fertile hunting ground for insects, dead or alive. That's why they spin webs to capture their prey and hang out in the low-traffic areas of your home, waiting for pests to walk or fly by. The best ways to keep pests off of your property include:

  • Controlling moisture issues
  • Cleaning regularly
  • Storing food and trash properly
  • Maintaining the lawn consistently
  • Partnering with an Eco Pest Control professional

While all of these methods can reduce your chances of incurring a spider infestation, Eco Pest Control provides professional assurances that you can count on when everything that matters most to you is threatened. Give us a call today to schedule an inspection with one of our residential pest control professionals and take your first step toward a spider-free Emmett property.

Why Rodent Activity In Emmett Calls For Professional Treatment

If you spot signs of rodent activity in your home, there are many reasons why you will likely need professional rodent control services in Emmett.

First, it is important to know that rats and mice carry pathogens they can easily transmit to humans through their urine, droppings, saliva, and bites. From hantavirus to leptospirosis and salmonellosis, or even rat-bite fever, many of them can make you very sick. Professionals can effectively eliminate rodents while minimizing the risk of disease transmission.

Also, homemade treatments are often ineffective and cause infestations to worsen. As a result, you might end up with unsightly and expensive property damage, chewed electrical wires that are fire hazards, contaminated insulation, and weakened wooden structures. With rodents, quickly getting rid of an infestation is always best.

And finally, rodents have an astonishingly high reproduction rate. A single pair of mice can produce dozens of offspring quickly, and without proper intervention, a few rodents can promptly turn into a significant infestation. At Eco Pest Control, our technicians have the expertise to identify and eliminate the source of the problem to reduce the population fast and prevent future breeding.

Our comprehensive strategies to eliminate rodents focus on the immediate elimination of these unhygienic scavengers and identifying the infestation's root causes. By working with us, you will address factors like food sources, entry points, and conducive conditions to prevent future rodent problems. Call us today to get started.

How To Prevent Bed Bugs Getting Into Your Emmett Home

There are many proactive measures you can take to prevent bed bugs from entering your Emmett home, including the following:

  • Always inspect second-hand furniture: Don't bring in any used furniture, clothes, or books without carefully checking them for signs of bed bugs like dark or rust-colored spots, shed skins, or tiny white eggs. 
  • Be cautious when traveling: Bed bugs are notorious for riding on luggage, clothing, and more. When you need to stay in hotels or motels, inspect the room for bed bugs before settling in, check the mattress and nearby furniture, and, if possible, keep your luggage elevated and away from the bed.
  • Seal entry points: A thorough inspection of your home to seal any potential access points for bed bugs is crucial to prevent these biting pests from infiltrating, especially if you live in an apartment building or condo complex.
  • Vacuum and clean: Regularly clean and vacuum your home as it can help get rid of existing bed bugs and their eggs too, and is an effective maintenance strategy. Washing and drying clothes and bedding at high temperatures also eliminates them.

Prevention strategies and learning about the signs of bed bug infestations are essential to preventing a small infestation from spreading and becoming more challenging to eliminate.

Still, the best way to eliminate these pesky invaders entirely is to add professional treatments when needed. Contact us today to learn about our bed bug control services in Emmett.

Tips To Keep Your Emmett Home Free Of Spiders

Few people welcome a spider infestation in their homes. The following tips can help keep these unwanted arachnids out where they belong.

First, maintaining a clean and clutter-free home is essential for effective pest control maintenance. We recommend paying attention to corners, ceilings, and out-of-sight areas where spiders might build webs or lay eggs. Decluttering will also remove potential hiding spots.

Also, looking for gaps and cracks around windows, doors, etc., where spiders might come in is always a good idea. Sealing them will prevent these invaders and keep other pests at bay. Properly fitted fine-mesh screens are also excellent deterrents.

If you have bright lights around your property, they could attract insects spiders rely on as food sources, like mosquitoes, flies, and more. Yellow lights are often less problematic, but a pest control professional can recommend types that suit your needs.

And finally, now is the time to eliminate any other pest infestations you might have on your property, as they could attract hungry spiders searching for reliable meals.

The best way to prevent Michigan spiders from taking over is to combine these prevention strategies with safe treatments if you need a little more help. And, of course, if you suspect the presence of venomous spiders, the safest option is to work with professionals. No matter the type of spider and the size of the infestation, we can help. Call us today to get started on our spider control services in Emmett.

Don't Let Ants Into Your Emmett Home: 5 Tips To Help

A few ants here and there might not be a cause for worry, but if you start to see ant trails or more of these tiny invaders than you'd like, it is time to act.

Here are five tips to keep ants out of your home year-round:

  1. Clean often: Even carpenter ants, known for being wood-destroying insects, rely on spills and crumbs for food. A good strategy is to clean up after cooking, eating, or hosting events so that all areas that tend to attract ants are spotless overnight. If you are at risk of an infestation, keeping floors and counters free of food debris during the day might also be necessary.
  2. Keep ants from entering your pantry: Keeping food in airtight containers to prevent ants from accessing it is essential. It also goes for pet food, which can attract many pests if left out all day.
  3. Seal entry points: Ants are tiny, meaning access points can be anything from a small crack in a window frame to a gap under a door. Whenever possible, close them up using door sweeps, mesh screens, or fixing structural damage like cracks in your foundation.
  4. Eliminate outdoor attractants: Do you have vegetation close to your home? If so, it could make it easy for ants to come in. They also make excellent hiding spots. Removing them can deter ant colonies and keep them outside.
  5. Schedule regular inspections: There are good reasons why many homeowners schedule pest inspections, even in the absence of an infestation. Proactive approaches are best for catching issues before they get too big, and small colonies are a lot easier to exterminate than large, established ones.

If you are dealing with a persistent ant infestation despite preventive measures, Eco Pest Control provides ant control solutions in Emmett to make your home safe and pest-free again and for good.

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