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Quality Pest Control In Columbus, MI

The township of Columbus is situated near the eastern edge of Michigan, where Canada is in sight. It’s regarded as a welcoming, family-friendly place to call home because of its reputable schools, outdoor spaces, community venues, and general high quality of life that most residents experience. And with Detroit less than an hour away, Columbus feels like a pastoral oasis where the city is never too far away. But with a seasonal change in conditions, even this sleepy town can develop pest problems.

For the last decade, Eco Pest Control has been providing quality St. Clair County pest control to both homeowners and businesses. Our team is highly experienced and well versed in the behaviors of local pests, so we know how to treat them effectively. Because we prioritize community and personalization, our customers work with the same technician throughout the process. Every service that we offer makes your safety the priority while also removing and the pests that trouble you and preventing pests from returning to your home. For more information on our pest control offerings, contact us today.

Residential Pest Control In Columbus

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Eco Pest Control was built on the idea that Columbus households should have access to the highest quality pest control that is tough on pests but safe for people. Over the last 10 years, we’ve been perfecting the art of pest control, and today, we continue to deliver unmatched services. We start by hiring only the most knowledgeable and experienced technicians and we’ll assign a team to your case so that you get to know a friendly face and they become experts on your property. In order to provide the most comprehensive service, we’ve constructed a few key plans that are all eco-conscious:

  • Basic Plan. Our entry-level program provides continued coverage for pests like centipedes, clover mites, and pill bugs.
  • Preferred Plan. This program widens the scope of coverage to include ants, stinging insects, and stink bugs.

We also offer pest-specific programs for spiders, stinging insects, bed bugs, and rodents. No matter what services you require, you will always benefit from our dedication to your satisfaction. For more information on how a residential pest control program can benefit your home, please contact us today. 

Commercial Pest Control In Columbus

A pest problem of any species or extent can be highly dangerous to your Columbus business, which is why Eco Pest Control is here to help. Since our establishment a decade ago, it’s been our mission to provide our fellow business owners with the high-quality, straightforward pest control services that we know they deserve. That’s why to this day we make sure that each of our customers has a dedicated team of technicians on their case. Our team is exceptionally qualified and comes with a significant amount of training on firsthand experience. We are fully committed to building trust-based relationships and we will make this evident every step of the way.

At each visit, our technicians will perform scrupulous property assessments to check for pest activity as well as potential problems. All of the products that we use during the treatment process are environmentally friendly in order to never cause unnecessary harm to your property or the ecosystem. To learn more about our commercial pest control offerings, contact us today.

Here's How To Tell If Your Columbus Home Has A Bed Bug Problem

It’s a lot easier to develop a bed bug outbreak in your Columbus home than you might think. These parasites enter your property in sneaky ways like affixing themselves to your personal effects. Unfortunately, once bed bugs invade your home, detecting an issue can be hard because they live inside of sofas, mattresses, and rugs. Here are a few signs that might indicate a bed bug problem in your home:

  • Feces that resemble pepper flakes
  • Eggs, eggshells, and nymphs
  • Adult bed bugs
  • Getting bites that you don’t remember
  • Rust-colored stains on pillows and sheets
  • Bloodstains on bed linens
  • A powerful and foul odor

At Eco Pest Control, we provide in-depth property inspections and high-quality treatments that are eco-friendly but tough on these invasive outbreaks. For more information on bed bug elimination, contact us today. 

Everything You Need To Know About Bees & Wasps In Columbus

Stinging insects like bees and wasps are a common problem for Columbus property owners and they may even appear around your home or business. Bees are regarded for their ecological benefits; however, they are easily startled if they’ve built a hive, which can lead to a swarm. Wasps are considered very possessive and dangerous. If they feel threatened, they may attack you, which can set off a slew of dangerous allergic reactions. Wasps are also attracted to sweet foods and meats, making outdoor gatherings a prime opportunity for them to attack. 

At Eco Pest Control, we provide specialty services that address stinging insects like bees and wasps. Our preventive program is a one-time service that treats the exterior of your home and provides the safe removal of any nests, whether they’re old or active. We can also provide ongoing support for these types of issues. For more information on stinging insect control, contact us today.

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