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Clyde, MI Pest Control

Quality Pest Management For Clyde, MI Properties

Clyde, Michigan is a small yet beautiful township packed with spots of nature, residences, and businesses, ensuring there's always something to draw the people's attention. Unfortunately, even small towns suffer from pest infestations, which is why professional pest control services are often warranted.

Our team at Eco Pest Control knows exactly what you're going through, which is why we're determined to be the difference that gives you an edge in your fight against troublesome pests. We bring more than seven years of experience controlling and preventing pests in Clyde homes to the fight and owe our success to our ability to quickly identify and eliminate your pest problems. Don't wait to take back control of your property. Contact our team at Eco Pest Control today to explore your general pest control options and take the first step toward becoming pest-free!

Home Pest Control In Clyde, MI

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As a rule, your home is a haven that protects you from everything negative outside. However, when pests invade, that feeling of safety is compromised. Instead of just living with a pest infestation, seek out the professional services offered by Eco Pest Control.

From beginning to end, our team is there for you with eco-friendly pest control solutions that deliver the results you need without risk to you and your loved ones. We take your safety and wellbeing seriously and won't stop until your pest problems are no more.

Contact our team at Eco Pest Control today to explore your residential pest control options and get back to living pest-free in your own Clyde home

Commercial Pest Control In Clyde, MI

Running a business is a complicated yet rewarding undertaking. Not only do you have to make sure the customers remain happy, but you also have to keep everything running smoothly. You don't have the time to deal with pest infestations when they happen.

At Eco Pest Control, our team understands that which is why we focus on providing innovative and organic solutions that protect your business, customers, and your employees. Upon arrival, we'll inspect your property and then create a customizable plan that guarantees your pest problems will become a thing of the past.

If you're ready to keep your Clyde business protected from pests, then contact our team at Eco Pest Control. Reach out to us today to explore your commercial pest control options and schedule an appointment.

What's The Best Way To Control Bed Bugs In Clyde?

Pests of any kind are best avoided in Clyde, but some like bed bugs are especially troublesome. Not only are they difficult to detect, but they also boast the ability to reproduce rapidly, which can turn a relatively small issue into a huge problem in practically no time. That's why bed bug control is always better from a preventative standpoint. Below are some tips to consider:

  • Cover Power Outlets: You wouldn't think about this at first, but the truth is bed bugs slip through the holes in your outlets to avoid extermination and travel further. Cover these up to remain protected.
  • Use Vacuum-Sealed Bags: Bed bugs love to cling to your clothing and hitchhike with you. By keeping the clothes in plastic covers, you eliminate a method of hitchhiking for this pest.
  • Identify Bed Bug Signs: By knowing the signs of a bed bug infestation, you'll be able to address an infestation in its early stages, saving yourself a huge headache later.
  • Cut Back On Clutter: Bed bugs like hiding places. If you remove the clutter, they lack places to hide, which makes it easier to eliminate them.

Without exception, the best thing you can do to control current or future bed bug infestations is to invest in professional bed bug control services. Our team offers innovative, environmentally friendly pest control solutions designed to eliminate your bed bug infestation.

Remain protected from bed bugs in Clyde all year long by working with our team at Eco Pest Control. Contact us today to discuss your needs and experience a bedbug-free property once again! 

Four Ways You May Be Attracting Ants To Your Clyde Home

Most of the time, ants aren't too big of a deal, even if they are definitely annoying. However, ant colonies are often large and grow quickly over time, leading to your property becoming overrun with ants. So, what's attracting them to your Clyde home? Consider if these four possibilities apply to your home: 

1. Moisture: Is your home extremely humid or does it have leaking pipes, standing water, or other areas of accessible water? If so, you'll end up with ants among other pests.

2. Crumbs And Spills: Ants are opportunistic and will gladly help themselves to your crumbs or spills you didn't clean up properly.

3. Improper Trash Management: If you have open trash cans or store your trash close to the house, you run the risk of ants invading your home.

4. Entry Points: Ants come inside simply because they can, which is why any hole, crack, or crevice needs to be sealed to enjoy complete protection.

Don't leave your ant control to chance. Contact Eco Pest Control today to explore your ant control solutions and enjoy a pest-free home.

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