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Casco, MI Pest Control

Pest Control In Casco, Michigan

Many people are attracted to big towns and cities, but for those that prefer a small community and space to spread out, Casco is the place to be. Like in other parts of Michigan, we have to worry about pests that infest properties and cause problems. But you don't have to stress about pests when you have the experts.

Since 2012, Eco Pest Control has been working with homes and businesses in the area to provide quality St. Clair County pest control. To learn more about preventing pests in your home or business, contact us today!

Residential Pest Control In Casco

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When it comes to pest problems in your home, you want to find the right experts to assist you with prevention and control. Eco Pest Control has the solutions you need to keep your Casco property free of pests.

Our residential pest control services include the following:


We will start you with a detailed inspection to search for signs of pest activity and areas of concern.


We will use the best treatments and exclusion methods to care for your pest problems based on what we find during the inspection. In most cases, we perform exterior treatments, but we will treat the interior if necessary. 

On-Going Services:

With regular service visits, you can keep pests out of your home with our pest-free guarantee, meaning we will return and re-treat between scheduled visits at no additional cost.

We offer several home pest control services for you to choose the right one to fit your needs. Ask one of our highly-trained technicians about our pest control options when you call us at Eco Pest Control.

Commercial Pest Control In Casco

If you own or manage a business, you know how important it is to keep your facility safe for employees and customers, but you may not know just how big of a threat pests are to health and safety. 

With Eco Pest Control, you can be sure you are getting the necessary protection against property-infesting insects and animals in our area. Pest control options we offer include:

  • General pest control plans to remove and protect against some of our area's most common critters.
  • Bed bug inspections and treatments to rid your property of these challenging pests.
  • Rodent control and exclusion services to keep these dangerous pests out of your commercial facility.

Finding the right people to keep your business safe from pests can be challenging, but you can rely on Eco Pest Control for dependable commercial pest control services!

How To Beat The Infestation Of Bees In Casco

Bees are essential to the environment, so controlling this pest isn't always straightforward. But you can prevent an infestation if you use these tips:

  • Reduce the number of flowering plants in your yard and keep the ones you have from over-flowering.
  • Plant lemongrass, thyme, citronella, fennel, peppermint, lavender, and other strong scented plants to deter bees.
  • Remove water sources by emptying rainwater and removing anything that can catch and hold water, including filling ground holes.
  • Seal any cracks or holes in the exterior of your home to keep bees from getting inside.
  • Remove fallen logs, stumps, and dead trees from the property.
  • Fill in ground holes where bees can build nests.
  • Keep your yard properly maintained at all times.

If you notice active bees around your property, look to Eco Pest Control for your needed services. We will treat bees on the exterior of your home and eliminate existing nests. If bees return within a year of our services, we will return and retreat at no additional cost.

We also treat wasps as well as bees. These stinging insects are more aggressive than bees, so don't overlook them! For quality pest control to beat a bee infestation on your Casco property, call Eco Pest Control!

The Problems Bed Bugs Can Cause In Your Casco Home

Despite their reputation, bed bugs are not dangerous pests. Bed bugs don't spread diseases, unlike other pests that feed on blood. However, infestations can lead to other problems such as high stress, insomnia, and secondary infection due to excessive scratching of itchy bites.

Another problem caused by bed bug infestations is the challenge of getting rid of them. These pests spread throughout homes, hiding in tiny crevices that aren't easy to find. Because of this, it's best to allow pest control experts to assist you.

At Eco Pest Control, we will first inspect your home to confirm bed bugs to identify their location. After inspection, we will implement the necessary treatments to return your home to a bed bug-free environment.

Contact us at Eco Pest Control today for residential pest control services for bed bugs.

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