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bald faced hornet nest

Bald Faced Hornet, Also Called The White Faced Hornet

Sep 09, 2013

colony of carpenter ants

Michigan’s Carpenter Ant

Jul 22, 2013

a carpenter bee perched on a piece of wood

The Carpenter Bee: Nature's Wood-Boring Bees

Jun 10, 2013

a close up of a yellow jacket on a yellow flower

Different Types Of Yellow Jackets That Sting

May 27, 2013

a close up of a rodent perched on a piece of wood

18 Tips To Help Prevent Pests In Your Home

Apr 30, 2013

a close up of a flea on human skin

Flea Facts: What You Need To Know About Fleas

Mar 29, 2013

a japanese beetle sitting on a leaf

All You Need To Know About Japanese Beetles

Sep 05, 2012

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