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Bee & Wasp Control In Port Huron, MI

Professional Stinging Insect Solutions In Port Huron, Michigan

If you’ve ever had bees or wasps take up residence near your house, you understand how nerve-wracking it can be to do something as simple as walk out your front door. No one wants to get stung and for those who are allergic, the risk is that much greater. With Bee & Wasp Control from Eco Pest Control, you’ll no longer need to worry about not being able to enjoy your own yard. Whether you have a current problem or you want to prevent stinging insects in Port Huron from choosing your home as their nesting site, we can help!

Our Bee & Wasp Control Services

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Preventative Treatments

Our preventative treatment is a great option for those who want to prevent a stinging insect problem before it starts. For a one-time fee, we'll come to your property and treat for bees and wasps around the outside of your entire house. In addition, we'll also knock down any existing bee and wasp nests that we find.
This service comes with the guarantee that if any nest-building activity occurs on the exterior of your home between the date of your initial treatment and the end of the year, we'll return to retreat your house, completely free of charge!

*Please note: this guarantee only applies to the structure.

Current Infestation Treatments

If you discover an active stinging insect nest on your property, we can help! In addition to our preventative treatments, we also offer nest removal services.
We also offer treatments for yellow jacket nests within your walls. DIY treatment methods often fail because these nests are often treated in a manner that makes the problem worse by driving the yellow jackets deeper into the walls of your home. Oftentimes, the point of entry is actually a few feet away from the nest. By spraying products, you could potentially clog up the entry point and force them to burrow deeper inside. Because of this, we don’t seal up holes or spray aerosols or contact killers in these situations. To set up an appointment for your Port Huron area home, contact us at Eco Pest Control!

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