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Quality Pest Management For Saint Clair, MI Properties

The humble parish of Saint Clair, MI, is one of the most beautiful waterside towns in the state. Just adjacent to the cold waters of the Saint Clair River, the town’s 5,000 inhabitants sit on the Eastern ‘thumb’ of the State’s mitten-like shape. The town's industries of salt mining and power generation attract all sorts of people to the area, including pests like bed bugs and fleas of varying species.

Established nearly a decade ago by professionals with passion, Eco Pest Control is a proud provider of residential, commercial, and specialty pest control efforts in Saint Clair, MI. Learn more about the Eco Pest Control mission and vision statement here.

Home Pest Control In Saint Clair, MI

Our family-owned and operated business are prepared to serve your family with some of the best pest control techniques in the state, eliminating pests through four simple plans:

  • Basic Semi-Annual: Treating a variety of pests with regular, less invasive pest control techniques.
  • Bee And Wasp Preventative Plan: Exterminating wasps, bees, and other stinging insects with attention to detail.
  • Spider Control Plan: Removing all dangerous spider vectors with easily applied treatment options.
  • Preferred Plan: Have all our services combined into one!

Receive premier placement on our residential pest control roster when you contact Eco Pest Control for a plan now.

Commercial Pest Control In Saint Clair, MI

To serve Michigan homeowners to the best of their ability, commercial businesses in Saint Clair must adhere to a high standard of quality, service, and skill. To stay competitive, businesses must push themselves to be the best they can be, and ensure that all customers have a safe and secure shopping experience. Unfortunately, the presence of pests around commercial buildings and properties has the potential to ruin everything your business has worked so hard to achieve.

That's why hundreds of businesses trust Eco Pest Control with all their commercial pest control needs in Saint Clair. Our highly trained team of technicians have been delivering pest-free verdicts since 2012, and are committed to our mission of becoming pest-free one company at a time. Call today for a free quote from Eco Pest Control to start building a customized plan perfect for your business's needs.

Backyard Bee Control Tips For Saint Clair Residents

Stinging insects are often undesirable pests in residential lawns, especially for homeowners who struggle with insect-related allergies. Wasps, Hornets, and yellowjackets each could sting multiple times and are known for being particularly aggressive during the summer season. While these pests often take the spotlight in terms of dangerous stinging insects, the presence of bees around your property may also cause concerning issues.

While bees may only be able to sting once, their powerful venom may quickly put a victim into anaphylactic shock. Serious bee stings may need to be treated by professional medical personnel and may involve hospitalization. If you are sensitive to bee stings and think or know that you have been stung, please seek medical attention immediately. To control your backyard bees in Saint Clair for future security, follow these helpful tips:

  • Limit the number of flowering plants in your yard. This also includes fruit trees, vegetable gardens, and flowering shrubs.
  • Remove all sources of standing water that could provide bees with opportunities to drink.
  • Fill in dips around the yard, remove tarps and toys, and throw away old planting pots that are no longer viable.
  • Have beehives and colonies professionally removed with the team at Eco Pest Control.

Call Eco Pest Control to book a professional nest removal service now.

How To Know If Your Saint Clair Home Has A Bed Bug Problem

Few pests are quite as difficult to identify as the humble bed bug. Requiring the consumption of human blood to survive, bed bugs quickly become serious issues for homeowners, business owners, and other property managers. While bed bugs may not spread any significant diseases from person to person, they have been known to cause anemia, insomnia, and even secondary infections (from scratching) in their victims. The best way to identify a bed bug problem around your Saint Clair home is to refer to their resulting signs and symptoms. Some of the most common of these include:

  • Red bites appear on patches of exposed skin. These may be in straight or zigzag lines. Unlike mosquito bites, these are hard to the touch and are usually worsened by heat or prolonged scratching.
  • Spatter or other spot markings on linens, bed sheets, and pillowcases. Spotting may be dark brown in the case of excrement, or rusty red to indicate leftover feeding patches.
  • A strange and musky odor in the home. It is often sweet, and difficult to put into words.
  • Exoskeletons around key entry points of the home, especially windows.

Eliminate your risks for infestation activity by investing in regular bed bug inspections in Saint Clair from Eco Pest Control today.

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